The knowledge acquired during the studies at the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry opens up opportunities of employment in various fields. Almost 80% of graduates find a well-paid job here in Latvia, while about 20% are highly sought after in the labour market abroad.

A large part of the graduates of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry, Department of Physics of continue their professional activities as academic staff, almost as many become specialists in various companies, but no less important is the decision to become a subject teacher in a Latvian general education institution.

The specialists who graduate from the Department of Optometry and Vision Science work as assistants to optometrists in opticians’ shops and clinics, helping to make the necessary assessments and measurements of visual functions or instructing the patients in the use and care of contact lenses. The skills acquired during the study internship also allow the graduates to become opticians or consultants of visual ergonomics. Some students become researchers of vision and embark upon a career in science.

Graduates of the professional master's study programme "Optometry" have an opportunity to become medical practitioners – optometrists.



Studies in the Department of Mathematics provide an academic knowledge base necessary to become highly-qualified professionals in the applications of mathematics in the national economy – mathematical modelling, mathematical statistics, science and teaching mathematics at all levels. The specialists who have graduated from the Department of Mathematics work in various financial institutions: banks and credit companies, insurance companies, IT companies, as well as scientific institutes, higher education institutions and schools of Latvia.

Vacancies at the University of Latvia