Laboratory of Magnetic Soft Materials is a research group in the Chair of Theoretical Physics, which is a part of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry of the University of Latvia. Our research interests cover various aspects in the field of magnetic soft materials, magnetism and soft matter, including material synthesis, characterisation and rheology, investigation of different phenomena connected with these materials and development of new methods and applications for use in biotechnology. More detailed information you can find in the page Research. In addition, we favour biological physics, as we are keen to apply our knowledge of physics to biological problems.

The lab has grown from prof. Andrejs Cēbers' group that has worked on theory and simulations of magnetism and soft matter problems since the middle of 1990's. In 2005 an experimental unit was created, to test theoretical predictions in practice and to advantage from simultaneous working on experiment and theory, which was soon followed by a chemistry unit, providing materials for research. Today, the laboratory has obtained a great experience and suitable equipment to work on topical problems of the field.

In this site you can also find information on our teampublicationscurrent and previous projectsour students' theses and open topics for students. You can also see the timeline of our important moments on the wall.

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