The Institute of Numerical Modelling (INM) is a research unit of the University of Latvia Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry, established in December 2019 on the basis of the Laboratory of Mathematical Modelling of Environmental and Technological Processes of the University of Latvia.

The structure of the Institute consists of the Laboratory of Semiconductor Technologies, the Laboratory of Multiphysical Processes, the Laboratory of Environmental Processes and the Computing Centre.

UL FPMO INM unites several research groups of the Chair of Electrodynamics and Continuum Mechanics. The aim of the Institute is to promote engineering- and physics-oriented research of continuous environmental processes to be used by Latvian and European industry, as well as to ensure and advance the training of highly qualified specialists in these fields.

The main research directions of UL FPMO INM include mathematical modelling approaches and applications of high performance calculations (HPC) in the studies of various natural and technologically physical processes. Research funding consists of the European Union and the Latvian Council of Science research projects and programmes, international cooperation projects and other industrial customers, as well as state and local government funds.

Using knowledge in mathematics, physics and programming, the institute's researchers contribute to problem solution in the following areas: