The 82nd International Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia (UL) will take place from January to April. This year, the programme of our faculty includes 12 sessions both in the blocks “Natural sciences” and “Interdisciplinary” highlighting the most relevant topics in the research fields of the faculty. All sections are open to the public.

Starting on Monday, 29 January, the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry (FMOF) will offer 12 different sessions in both the natural sciences and the interdisciplinary sessions for conference visitors and interested parties.

Sessions will be held in different formats: on-site, hybrid, and remote-only. This year, the faculty will open its participation in the conference with the FMOF Plenary Session, which will take place online and will give the opportunity to get to know all five faculty departments, as well as to learn about the latest developments in the faculty's scientific activities. The programme will kick off with a guest speaker.

The FMOF Plenary Session will take place on Monday, 29 January, from 09:00 to 13:00 remotely on Zoom, in Latvian (moderated by assoc. prof. Aiga Švede).

At the very end of January, on Wednesday, 31 January, the section PHYSICS. EDUCATION. PRACTICE. Seminar for Practitioners in Physics Education at Universities (chaired by researcher Inese Dudareva and research assistant Ludmila Belogrudova (English)). Zoom link.

The first week of February will continue with the Physics Department conference programme. On Thursday, 1 February, the Section on Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics organized by the Laser Centre will take place (chaired by assist. prof. Artūrs Mozers), and on Friday, 2 February, interested parties are invited to the Section on Active, Soft, and Magnetic Matter organized by the Department of Theoretical Physics (chaired by researcher Mārtiņš Brics). Zoom link.

In the third week of February, on 14 February, mathematics enthusiasts will be able to attend the session Discrete Mathematics organized by the Department of Mathematics (chaired by assoc. prof. Raivis Bēts and Dr. Jānis Buls). On Friday, 16 February, Human Physiology and Perception, in Latvian (chaired by prof. Gunta Krūmiņa and asoc. prof. Gatis Ikaunieks) and on Sunday, 18 February, Joint Clinical and Practical Conference of University of Latvia & Association of Latvian Optometrists and Opticians (chaired by prof. Gunta Krūmiņa, asoc. prof. Aiga Švede, and optometrist Kristīne Detkova).

In the third decade of February, two sections will be held: on 20 February, the Mathematical Analysis Department’s section Fuzzy Logic Based Mathematical Structures and their Applications (chaired by prof. Svetlana Asmuss and assist. prof. Olga Grigorenko), on 22 February, the Mathematics Department section Use of High-Performance Computing in Numerical Simulations (chaired by lead researcher Jānis Virbulis). On February 29 - Mathematical Statistics and Data Science (chaired by prof. Jānis Valeinis)

On Thursday, 7 March, there will be a session Difference Equations and Differential Equations, chaired by prof. Uldis Strautiņš and assist. prof. Sergejs Smirnovs. The participation of the faculty in the conference will close on Tuesday, 12 March, with the session Modern Elementary Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching, chaired by Maruta Avotiņa, lecturer at the A. Liepa's Correspondence Mathematics School.

Registration and the programmes of the sessions are available on the conference website: