Dr. Inga Pudža providing important advice and recommendations for completing a successful Ph.D.

Doctoral students, degree candidates, doctors, and programme managers of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry (FPMO) of the University of Latvia (UL) met for the sixth time in a hybrid setting on 8 December 2022 for the traditional annual doctoral student-doctor seminar "Do-Do" to get to know each other, share experiences, and understand the nuances of doctoral studies.

A PhD is the peak of academic achievement, but the climb to the finish line is difficult and requires determination and perseverance. In order to make this journey less isolating, a Do-Do seminar is conducted annually, where you may get to know your fellow students and discover answers to intriguing questions regarding the requirements and potential of both the study and doctoral procedures.

Second-year PhD students at the FPMO, Ergi Bufasi, Bhagyashri Shinde, and Kristians Draguns, organised the event in a hybrid style, both in person and remotely. The agenda for the seminar was divided into two sessions: a formal hybrid meeting followed by an evening social gathering.

During the formal hybrid meeting, PhD students participated remotely and in person at the House of Science, where a panel of four invited speakers informed, discussed, and clarified various concerns and prompted engaging dialogues.

The Head of the Physics department, assistant professor, Dr. Guntars Kitenbergs, welcomed the students with a cordial greeting and provided them with information on the meta course (PhD studies in physics, astronomy, and mechanics) that is available on e-studies, as well as updates that will be made in the near future.

The director of the Physics PhD study programme prof. Mārcis Auziņš answered students' questions about the credit system, mobility options and support during studies. The new joint PhD programme in Particle physics and Accelerator technologies that is commencing at FPMO generated a conversation that was highly engaging.

Following up on the engaging discussion and clarification provided by the director of the doctoral study programme in the Natural sciences, prof. Didzis Elferts, in which questions were posed by the students regarding the criteria of the credit points, the compulsory and elective courses.

Dr. Inga Pudža, a former PhD student, was the invited speaker at the last session of the seminar, where she presented her PhD journey, including all of the hardships and wonderful moments, and presented extremely important advice and recommendations for the strategies of successful PhD defense. The personal experiences and challenges that Dr. Pudža shared were quite insightful, and the audience was very engaged and eager to learn about the challenges and successes that may be encountered on this journey.

Following the formal session, PhD participants gathered at the bowling alley for a social event where they got to know one another better and exchanged various conversations while also having some fun.