In order to support capable and diligent 1st year master's students in the study programmes offered by the faculty and to promote scientific activities in FPMO research units, in the autumn of 2018 UL FPMO for the first time announced a competition for master's students for three research assistant positions – one in each department. Students selected through a competition are provided with financial support for research throughout the year.

The aim:

  • supporting the involvement of master’s programme students in research under the guidance of researchers of the faculty;
  • acquisition of knowledge necessary for research in the study process;
  • promoting scientific activities in FPMO research units.

Who can apply for the competition?

To apply for the competition, the applicant must:

  • be registered and successfully study in an FPMO master's study programme:
    • Department of Physics – master's study programme “Physics”;
    • Department of Mathematics – master's study programme “Mathematics”;
    • Department of Optometry and Vision Science – professional master's study programme “Optometry”;
  • be a 1st year student;
  • carry out (or plan to carry out) research under the guidance of an FPMO leading researcher or researcher (the supervisor of the research work is an elected researcher of the faculty).

What financial support will the master’s student receive?

In a single round of the competition, each of the three research assistants will receive financial support – 525 EUR / month (gross) for 12 months, paid as a monthly salary.


How to apply?

The applicant must submit to the UL Personnel Management Department the following documents:

  • the basic documents required for the competition (see paragraph 48), including a CV with information on previous research experience, as well as the title of the bachelor's thesis and its assessment (grade);
  • a support letter from the research supervisor at FPMO;
  • a letter of recommendation from the lecturer in the previously completed study programme.

Application deadline for academic year 2021/2022: to be specified

After applying, the applicant must prepare a 10-minute report for the scientific seminar, outlining his / her experience and planned study and research activities. The report will be evaluated by the faculty commission.

The scientific seminar will take place in the last 2 weeks of September (date to be specified). The Faculty Council decides on the granting of support at the next meeting.

Places of scientific assistants in academic year 2020/2021 were awarded to:

1) Elīna Kresse, 1st year student of the master’s study programme “Mathematics”;

2) Guna Brenda Pogule, 1st year student of the master’s study programme “Mathematics”.



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